Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Restructuring Rutgers?

Probably not many students would be attracted to a report titled Rutgers and Medical Education in New Jersey, but I urge all students to read this report because it has tremendous implications for the future of Rutgers and the value of your future degrees.  After all, Rutgers New Brunswick with a Medical School and, potentially, with no direct association with Camden and Newark, could have a much elevated standing.  We can readily see that this restructuring is designed to strengthen these schools as we enter a new era of national and international competition among higher education institutions.  Let's see how this develops before we analyze it any further.  But I think this is an exciting prospect.

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  1. It's interesting that students are in opposition to the proposed separation from RU Camden:
    But what I found most amusing were the two comments at the end of the article, one of which claims that taxes would go up if we tried to fund higher education in the sate.