Friday, January 20, 2012

The Expos Five on "Wake Up Rutgers"

The Expos Five from Expos the Movie on Vimeo.

On Monday, I will appear on "Wake Up Rutgers" on RUtv from 9:00-9:30 am to discuss my film The Expos Five, which is a "required reading" for our class this term.  If you are up that early in the day, you might check it out, if only to tell me how it went.  The Expos Five has been getting some attention of late, and I just noticed that they are re-running an item from last semester on the main Rutgers website titled "Course Taken, Lessons Learned."  RUtv also ran a program last term which you can view on YouTube.

I am glad to promote the film because I made it to reach students, and reaching them requires publicity.  The film has only had 3,200 views, which means I am certainly not reaching all of the 6,000 or so students who take the class each year.  The whole idea of the film is to connect with students "where they live" and show them how the choices they make can have a big impact on their success in the course.  I often tell people that the film is sort of like "Goofus and Gallant Take Freshman Writing," because it shows how attitude and action are everything.  If you want an "A," act like an "A-student," not like the students who struggled.

At the same time that the film has a moral lesson, I think it also serves as an interesting window on the life of freshmen at Rutgers, and in that way is a good companion to our readings by Michael Moffatt and Rebekah Nathan.  I look forward to the discussion.

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