Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back to "College!"

Back to "College!" after a two-year hiatus!  Actually, it has been two years teaching other courses for the Rutgers Writing Program and working on other projects.  I haven't exactly been on sabbatical.  But I am glad to be back to teaching a course about issues affecting higher education, which are the issues that matter to me most and the issues which I find every college student can connect with in some way.  After all, we are all at college (exclam!)   

I am especially looking forward to teaching the course as a "hybrid," meeting only one day each week supplemented by online work.  It will give me a lot of opportunities to try out different technologies, especially Google Docs, Blogger, and Prezi, which will make this a very productive and successful class.  In my Spring 2010 class, students had good experiences with their blogs, and I was pleased to discover that all of those blogs are still standing, ready to offer ideas and models to this year's group of students.  

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