Monday, January 25, 2010

Michael Moffatt's Book in Google Books

You can read Chapter 3 from Michael Moffatt's Coming of Age in New Jersey, "A Year on Hasbrouck Fourth," at our Sakai site for the class.  But it turns out you can "preview" most of the rest of the book (but for a couple chapters) online at Google Books.  Check it out.

Moffatt's book is a valuable resource for discussing such topics as sexuality, male/female power dynamics, race, "student life" and student attitudes toward academic work.  It is especially useful for offering a historical perspective, comparing today to the 80s.  I hope students check out some of the other chapters that apply to their topics and do not rely only on the chapter we are reading together.  By the way, Moffatt also wrote the Rutgers Picture Book which is a great historical reference.

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