Sunday, January 24, 2010

Defining a Topic

  • "I'm not sure on what my concrete research topic will be, but I feel very strong about college student activity and the role that young people play in our mainstream world."
  • "With all of these different ideas about what college is meant to it seems appropriate to wonder which is the right view? Or if there even exists a right view?"
  • "Hey hey hey"
These were the first responses I received on the first blog post assignment.  I wondered what was happening, since none of these posts suggested a specific topic.

Looking at the syllabus, though, I realized suddenly, to my horror, that the prompt portion of my first blog assignment had somehow gotten cut off.  I will have to distribute a corrected version in class tomorrow.  Of course, I thought I was pretty clear elsewhere in the syllabus and certainly in class discussion, but I can see the misunderstanding.

Only half the class has actually visited the Sakai site at this point -- some 15 hours before class..... I dig those Sakai stats.

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