Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Declining by Degrees" on YouTube

I thought about assigning "Declining by Degrees" as a text for our class, since it offers a wonderful overview of controversies surrounding college today -- touching on binge drinking, the growing importance of sports on campus (and how that both detracts and distracts from academics), the rising cost of tuition, students working long hours at jobs while in school, declining academic standards, the increasing privatization, the question of whether traditional instructional methods really work, the pressures on faculty, etc. etc.  But it is a little long (at two hours), and I wanted to focus on debt and privatization this term, which is not a big focus of the film.  However, as it is available on YouTube (see first part above) and various other venues, I recommend that you take a look at it, especially if you are trying to get ideas for your final research topic.  

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