Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Useful Links for Poster and Presentation

We are going to discuss the Presentation and the Poster today.  Here are some useful links to materials I will refer to in class:

Poster - due April 10
You need to design a poster for display that is 22 x 28 inches in horizontal display.  The best posters from the class will be put on display at the Poster Fair on April 18 and 19.
Google Images - great tool for finding images for your poster
Glogster - a useful online poster creation tool, easy enough for kids to use
Posterazor - downloadable software for dividing large docs into 8.5x11 sheets for printing

Presentation - due April 17
You are allowed to use any tool you want, but I want you to submit your slides by April 17.
Five Ways to Reduce PowerPoint Overload - remember that less is more!
Google Presentations - you are welcome to submit your presentation on Google Docs
Prezi - a great presentation software tool alternative

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