Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christie proposes increased aid to higher education - The Daily Targum

The Daily Targum reports that Gov. Christie proposes increased aid to higher education, noting that Gov. Chris Christie's annual budget address calls for a 6% increase in funding for higher education.  As the Governor explained: “In our society, education is the key to advancement. More attainment in education is the path to more earnings and success in life. And a highly educated work force is a key to New Jersey’s competitiveness.”  Of course, coming after many years of decreasing funding, even a 6% increase is not a significant change, and his call for more funding comes as he is also calling for tax cuts, so there is some question of how long any increase could be sustained.  That said, however, we should still applaud the Governor for his vision and his understanding of the value of higher education to the state -- something he has also demonstrated with his recommendations for restructuring Rutgers.

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