Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Budget Slashes $175 Million from NJ Higher Ed

Christie challenges teachers union on benefits

Governor Chris Christie presented his budget on Tuesday, outlining about $1 billion of cuts to education in the State, including $175 million to higher education.  The text of his address is available online and you can see more portions of the governor's speech online at NJ.com or at Fox News.  Assembly Higher Education Chairwoman Pamela Lampitt (D-Camden) released a statement (widely quoted) following Gov. Christie’s budget speech, claiming that "he pulled the rug out from under higher education" in the State.  She writes: “Gov. Christie’s budget contains not just cuts to institutions of higher education, but global cuts to programs – like tuition aid grants and the Educational Opportunity Fund – that hit all sectors, putting the financial burden directly on middle class families and removing the prospect of a college education for thousands of New Jersey students.  These cuts also show that the governor does not see our institutions of higher education as the vital economic engines they are. These cuts will likely force staffing cuts across the board and will limit our colleges and universities’ ability to attract and produce the top-notch professionals businesses in the state and across the region have come to expect."

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